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Scripture Flips

Scripture Flips

Scripture Flips

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The Scripture Flip contains verses to remind you how important you are to God and how much He loves you. At times, we can go through seasons when we feel unloved, alone, unsure, rejected, and want acceptance. Who do you know that needs this important reminder right now?

There's no better choice than these small handmade spiral booklets to speak right to our hearts.

Product description: Small enough to throw in your purse, bag or fit in your pocket, the compact size is the perfect way to keep these important reminders with you wherever you go.

The Flip is 3" x 2.75" with a chipboard cover, 22 heavyweight pages, and beautiful graphics. Each Flip has two charms - beads and a cross.

Every combination is unique.

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Meet Carolyn, The Instructor

Meet Carolyn, the Instructor


Carolyn English is a retired PWCS school teacher and taught for 31 years in the county. After retirement, she has spent time doing what she loves - crafting in her craft room, a room we all dream of having!

During that time, many saw not just how talented and creative she was, but how much fun she was having. Her friends and fellow teachers started purchasing products from her for their home and gifts, and thus, Carolyn's Custom Creations was born!

For the past 3 years she’s been hosting workshops, sharing her passion, and creativity with friends and fellow teachers. We are excited to bring her to Burlap and Daisies to share her creativity for a fun night out with you and your friends!

Come prepared for a night full of fun and laughter, and leave with a beautiful Custom Creation for your home!