Hey there, I'm Robie Lynn! ūüĎč

Robie Lynn Morrison

I spend all day at work thinking about Home! YOUR Home!

You are probably reading that and thinking, Me Too!

Hey there! I'm Robie Lynn, owner of Burlap and Daisies, and, like you, there are many times that while you're at work your mind is thinking about your home, meaning your family, your finances, your lifestyle, how you can remodel the kitchen after that episode you watched last night of your favorite home remodeling show, right?

Well, the home that I am thinking about is a bit different. It's about yours. 

I remember the smell of the coffee brewing, the color of the wallpaper. 

It was 1985, I was in 7th grade. I know the exact moment that this love for families and their homes started. I was in 7th grade and it was a typical Saturday morning where mom and I were out running errands and dropping off bills (who does that anymore?). Once we finished we decided to go look at a Builder's Model Home. We casually walked in just to see the décor. I remember the smell of the coffee brewing, the color of the wallpaper, the Breakfast Nook, and the size of the house. Later that afternoon we were able to get my dad over to see this house and because of that visit my parents ended up building their second home in Prince William County.

My first "big girl" job was with a new home builder in Prince William County, and when I had my son I owned Social Solutions, a Wedding and Event Planning Company. After my 3rd child was born I decided to go back to work and have spent the past 18 years as a New Home Specialist in the new home construction industry, I have been assisting families in finding their new home, whether temporarily, or their forever home. Helping families create lasting memories has always been my goal. 

My desire is to help women create a place of comfort and peace.

After years of planning events for people to celebrate each other, selling home décor, and working for local new home builders, I have been able to help families find and build their dream home, decorate, and gather together. Throughout these years my desire to help women create a place of comfort and peace for their family to continue to grow.

I believe we are all "deeply rooted" in our traditions and culture, and carrying that over for our own children is not only important, but in today's world, necessary. With the uncertainty of tomorrow, helping women create a "safe place to fall" is my mission. To inspire a home that is not only comforting and peaceful, but also full of laughter with loved ones, as well as, sharing that comfort, peace and laughter by opening the doors to family and friends.

Prince William County IS where I call home!

I've attended schools in PWC since Kindergarten. My husband and I raised our children in the Mid County area and still currently live, work, and shop here. This IS where I call home so it only made sense to open up my shoppe, my dream, Burlap and Daisies, in the convenient Mid County area of Prince William.  

I enjoy spending my time curating unique products of old and new that allow families to intertwine family traditions while creating a beautiful home. We specialize in home décor accessories, furniture, home fragrances, cooking, dining and entertaining items, and our favorite, gift items. 

Our goal is to offer personalized customer care to our clients while providing you the best service in choosing products for your home or loved ones. 

I can't wait to meet you, friend. 

Robie Lynn