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Deluxe Tiered Tray - Brown

Deluxe Tiered Tray - Brown

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Your tiered tray gives you  just the perfect amount of space for your holiday excitement. You will love the luxurious wood and premium metal construction with a classic distressed finish. 

Our unique decorative tray is perfect for:

* Serving Tray * Seasonal Decoration * Bathroom Storage Tray


* Beautiful Distressed Dark Brown color

* Extra-large, high quality

* Materials: Wood, Metal. Perfect to use over and over again.

*Easily store the entire unit flat when not in use.

* Dimensions:

Large base (14" wide with 6" center pole to side distance) and medium upper tray (10" wide with 3.75" center pole to side distance).

* Height: There is 8" between the base tray and the top tray and 5" from the top tray to the base of the handle.

NOTE: This product is a two-tiered tray. Tray ornaments are not included.

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