The Eclipse is over, now what?

Recycle Your Solar Eclipse Glasses and SAVE!

Choose to Donate your Solar Glasses and bring them into Burlpa and Daisies and receive 15% off one item in store at the time of donation. 

Some Fast Facts: 

Want to hold onto the glasses for 2044!

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology if the solar eclipse glasses are ISO 12312-2 compliant and aren't damaged, no punctures, scratches, or tears, and be secured to remain in good condition, they can be reused.

Reduce, ReUSE, ReCycle!

Consider recycling your glasses. The main part of the glasses are cardboard which is great for recycling, however, the lenses are not.  You will need to remove the lenses from the glasses before recycling. 

Consider Donating: BRING THEM INTO THE SHOPPE and Burlap and Daisies will gladly donate them for you! 

Eclipse Glasses USA has a donation program to help other children be able to view the eclipses.  

Here is some information taken from their website: 

If you have eclipse glasses lying around after a recent eclipse event, consider donating them. Ensure they are undamaged and in good condition. By doing so, you're not just getting rid of an item; you're passing on the torch of knowledge, wonder, and safe exploration to the next generation.

Let's come together and make a difference. Let's ensure that the next time a child looks up at the sky during a solar eclipse, they do so with wonder in their eyes and safety in their hands, all thanks to a pair of glasses that traveled miles to reach them.


The beauty of this donation program lies in its global reach. Solar eclipses are not limited to one region or country; they occur at different times across the world. By collecting and redistributing eclipse glasses, Eclipse Glasses USA ensures that children in various countries can marvel at this celestial event without risking their eyesight.

 Imagine a classroom in a remote village, where students have only read about solar eclipses in their textbooks. Now, thanks to the donation program, they have the opportunity to witness it firsthand, with their own eyes, safely shielded by the glasses provided by generous donors from thousands of miles away. It's not just about viewing an eclipse; it's about bridging gaps, connecting people through a shared experience, and igniting a passion for the cosmos in young hearts.

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 **Discount applied same day as donation

 **Discount applies to only one per family donation.