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Worship Journal

Worship Journal

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The Worship Journal is a great help when you are facing tough days ahead. That sounds weird, right? We were created to worship. Worship has the transformative power to renew our minds. When we look to God first, our hope lies with Him, not in ourselves or our circumstances. Worshipping God in the face of trouble or fear is powerful. We may not feel like worshipping but we need to develop the discipline to do it anyway. That's obedience. That's trusting the One who holds this world in His hands. That's trusting Him with the outcome, no matter what it is.

The Worship Journal can really help you to develop a heart of worship.

Product description: Journal: 6" x 8" heavyweight chipboard cover, 30 heavyweight pages. Spiral bound. Durable.

Lined pages inside are blank so you can completely customize. Feel free to use markers, paints, chalk, colored pens - heavyweight pages are thick enough to handle most mediums and won't bleed through. So, get creative!

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