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June 15th Daddy and Me pARTners Paint

June 15th Daddy and Me pARTners Paint

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Celebrate Father's Day with a Fun pARTner's Paint!

It's FUN art, not fine art!

Let’s celebrate Father’s Day with an afternoon of painting and snacks! It’s a great way to make a special memory painting WITH Dad on Saturday, June 15th from 2:00 to 3:30

$55 for 1 Canvas for Parent and Child to share 
$65 for 2 Canvases for each Parent and Child to have their own.
Step-by-step painting instructions with art teacher, chalk for drawing, and many paint colors available to allow for creativity!
No experience necessary, it’s Fun Art, not fine art!

Age 5 and Up

Workshop will begin at 2:00 and last approx 90 minutes.

*No Experience (or creativity) Necessary! SERIOUSLY! She promises! :) 

*All Materials will be provided.

*Each Family will Receive Drinks and Snacks During the Afternoon!

Instruction led by Donna, owner of  Pencils and Paints, LLC. 

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