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Robie Lynn Morrison

Creator and FOUNDER

It's Me, Robie Lynn!

Wife of 25 years, Mother of 3, Daughter, Sister to 1, Dog Mom to 2, Cat Mom to 1, and GrandDog Mom of 3, and soon to be a "Grandma, Nana, GiGi, MiMi" or....who knows? We'll have to wait and see until September!

I love a clean and orderly house, but it's not always easy to have it that way and the family doesn't quite see what I see! 

But, it's our home and I am proud to be the MOM Under this Roof! 


Wally Morrison

My "production Guy"

My loving Husband of 25 years that puts up with all my Crazy ideas and fully supports me in each endeavor. Together, we have created this box and it's his details that focus on the shipping, packaging and yes, MEASUREMENTS! Without him I tend to get carried away! And when he isn't busy doing that, he is my chef, lawn boy, pool boy, handyman, remodeler, mechanic, and so many other things that keeps our bellies full, house in order, and cars running!

My Reason for everything..   

My Reason for everything..


My Family

My Support Staff

These kids have always had a mom that "goes a little over board" and yet, I love to see their creativity in themselves.

My Son, JC,  He's my IT guy! THANKFULLY! While living in Main as a Youth Minister he is also an entrepreneur with Graphic Designs, logos and websites!

My Daughter, McKenzie, is a worker bee and loves everything about finances and saving money and has always been a huge asset to bounce ideas around with! She, too, is an entreprenuer and is a distributor for a Fun Graphics Tee Shirt design company!

My Daughter, Rylie, has recently shown great qualities in helping us with the box, ideas, creativity, and is in the trenches with us when it's time to pack and ship!

My Daughter In Law, Julia, has been welcomed into this crazy family and best of all, she is just as creative and talented! She is the Children's Ministry Director alongside my son, and is going to be opening her own Etsy Store shortly a some of her products will be seen in our box!



The Story

Not only am I the creator of Burlap and Daisies, but I hold the title of Mom and Wife. It's a title I proudly proclaim and truly live each day "Under this Roof" to be able to provide for them, even though we are quickly approaching the Empty Nest.

  • Burlap and Daisies actually started from my blog called Under This Roof, no not the book about the White House, but just everyday living, about what takes place in our homes, under our roof. 

Under This Roof!

  • I am a wife of 25 years and mother of 3, which are my biggest "WHY'S" in life. To be a wife and mother are my greatest accomplishments, my biggest weaknesses, and my greatest strengths. However, we all know that playing this role as the CEO of our homes can be lonely. It's the mundane chores, never ending dirty laundry and the chaos of looking for that missing sock before practice, constantly picking up the toys and shoes and all else that the family leaves around. These daily routines just seem to be, not just overwhelming, but sometimes can make us feel undervalued and unappreciated. 

We are the CEO of the Home

  • I know this because I, too, have been there and am here to reach out to other moms and women that are now dealing with our ever-changing roles. Through the years we all search for the life hacks and resources to help us regain balance in our life that we desire! We want to have friends to spend quality time with.  We want to have financial freedom. We long for time for ourselves to "Live Intentionally," whatever that may mean for some, and mend or create relationships with other women outside of the home.

It's the atmosphere that WE provide that creates our home!

  • Under this roof is where we as women need to be strong, resilient, and full of life. To Shine and BLOSSOM. What we "breathe" into our homes tends to set the atmosphere for our marriage, our home life, and the serenity of our children. The pressure is real.  Our household relies on us. From the dogs and cats in the home,  and yes, I won't forget about the lizards, hamsters and other animals, but WE are the the steam in the engine that keeps everything and everyone under our roof moving. We are the ones that created OUR HOME to be the safe place to fall, or have you? The place that everyone gathers and can kick off their shoes, relax, live and learn. It's the atmosphere that WE provide that creates our home!


Therefore, Burlap and Daisies was created  to bring prime visual cues to you each month to place in your homes with a booklet of life hacks, resources, tools and tips for you to start implementing immediately.